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Brand Management

Brand Management: Process And Responsibilities


Brand Management: Process And Responsibilities

There are several important pieces to the Brand Management Process, Here are the key components:

  • Identifying/defining your most important customers
  • Understanding what motivates your customers and what could cause them to choose your brand over your competitors’ brands
  • Carefully selecting a brand position that could provide your organization with marketplace advantages
  • Translating that position to a strong and consistent brand identity, including:

–  Intuitive brand architecture
–  Strong name and icon
–  Tagline that succinctly reinforces brand promise

  • Developing brand messaging including an elevator speech
  • Educating employees about the brand promise, elevator speech and identity standards and giving them the incentives, tools and training to become effective brand champions
  • Developing an integrated launch and ongoing marketing plan
  • Reinforcing your brand’s promise at each point of customer contact
  • Measuring the ongoing equity of the brand and making adjustments as necessary

Brand Management Responsibilities

  • Monitor, measure and manage brand equity/strength
  • Increase brand awareness, relevant differentiation, value, accessibility and emotional connection
  • Develop brand plan
  • Monitor progress against brand plan
  • Be responsible for results against brand plan
  • Drive brand understanding and support throughout the organization
  • Champion/drive initiatives that support delivery of the brand promise
  • Brand messaging – elevator speech, tagline, campaign themes, proof points, etc.
  • Manage the brand architecture
  • Maintain brand identity consistency
  • Chair the brand identity council/team/board
  • Help determine identities for new brands/sub-brands
  • Anticipate and accommodate new brand identity needs

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