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Here is what I would want a brand manager in my marketing department to know:

  • What a brand is
  • The benefits strong brands deliver to organizations
  • The brand management process
  • What leads to customer brand insistence
  • What contributes to brand loyalty
  • What helps brands connect emotionally to their customers
  • How to conduct a brand audit
  • How to measure brand equity
  • How to measure the asset value of a brand
  • How to read and use point-of-sale (POS) data in managing brands
  • Customer segmentation approaches
  • Qualitative and quantitative brand research methodologies and approaches
  • How to use projective, laddering and guided imagery techniques
  • How to align brand values with customer values
  • The different types of brand benefits
  • How to turn your brand into a “customer badge” (self-expressive benefits)
  • How to read brand positioning maps
  • How to develop brand essence, promise, archetype and personality
  • How to successfully (re)position a brand
  • How to differentiate commodities
  • How to create a “category of one” brand
  • How to successfully extend a brand into new product or service categories
  • How to create and manage a strong brand identity
  • The various types of brand names and architecture
  • Developing a brand identity system and standards
  • How to develop a powerful brand tagline
  • How to develop a brand “elevator speech”
  • How to write a creative brief
  • How to evaluate advertising campaigns
  • How to develop a successful direct marketing campaign
  • How to use publicity and word-of-mouth marketing to a brand’s advantage
  • Using blogs and other social media to build brands
  • How to build brand proof points into every point of customer contact (customer touch point design)
  • How to develop a strong brand marketing plan
  • B2B marketing tools and techniques
  • How to use internal communication, education and training and organization design to align the organization in support of the brand
  • How to develop a brand building organization and transform employees into enthusiastic brand champions
  • Key considerations in brand pricing strategy
  • Key considerations in brand distribution strategy
  • What is important to know about managing global brands
  • The primary responsibilities of brand managers
  • The primary responsibilities of brand identity managers
  • Trends in brand management

The Blake Project offers comprehensive one- to three-day workshops to teach all of these brand management skills, overall or in-depth on a particular brand management subject. We do this through conference companies in numerous countries in every region of the world. We are also brought in to deliver this as a part of university MBA marketing programs. And, individual companies and organizations hire us to conduct these workshops for their employees such as Unilever. (their marketers from Columbia pictured above). We are happy to customize these workshops for specific industries. For instance, we have customized workshops for the bed & breakfast, professional sports, digital media, energy, fashion, municipality and restaurant markets. Our workshops include lecture, numerous case studies, individual and team exercises, and many tools, templates and checklists.

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The Blake Project Can Help: The Brand Positioning Workshop

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