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The Blake Project, the strategic brand consultancy behind Branding Strategy Insider, delivers unique and highly valued workshops designed to give our clients the clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of their brands. The workshops take three forms:

  • Consensus building brand strategy workshops designed to help your brand(s) overcome specific marketing challenges and/or gain specific marketing advantages.
  • Interactive brand education workshops designed to align your marketers on essential concepts in brand management and empower them to release the full potential of the brands they manage. (Delivered within your organization)
  • The Un-Conference: 360 Degrees of Brand Strategy for a Changing World — Limited to 50 participants and open to the public, this two-day, competitive-learning workshop is marketing’s only problem-solving event. Here, marketers from around the world compete and learn on teams, facing real world marketing challenges together. Competitive-Learning is about teamwork, openness to new ideas, strategy, creativity and fun. Everyone leaves with actionable tools and techniques for building stronger brands. This approach can also serve as the framework for a learning and development program within your organization.

Brand Strategy Workshops

We offer a range of high impact workshops designed to achieve stakeholder consensus on issues or decisions that result in strategic advantage. Our process combines rigorous facilitation, educational components and brand management expertise to reach desired outcomes. In The Brand Positioning Workshop (one-day and two-day version), we work with you to develop your brand’s essence, promise, personality and archetype to achieve relevant differentiation and flexibility for future growth. We also offer Brand Architecture, Disruptive Brand Strategy, Strategic Brand Storytelling, Brand Positioning Strategy Co-Creation, Inside-Out Branding, Content Strategy, Customer Experience Co-CreationCustomer Touch Point DesignBrand Strategy for StartupsMission, Vision and Values, Brand Culture, Brand Values Alignment, Brand Voice, Brand Licensing, New Product/Brand Ideation and Emotional Connection Workshops.

Brand Education And Training Workshops

Thousands of marketers around the globe have benefited from our 1, 2 and 3 day brand education workshops. Each engagement is customized to meet your specific needs and learning objectives and each is delivered internally by one of our renowned marketing experts at your organization or location of choice. Topics range from Branding 101 to the subtleties of choosing the best brand architecture for you. Current popular topics include Creating Brand Insistence,  40 Common Brand Problems (and their Resolution), Measuring Brand Equity, Branding Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions and Developing a Brand Building Organization.

We have earned accolades from top executives, brand managers and marketing professionals by delivering brand education expertise that really resonates – moving people to understand and react.

Abbott, Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster et al), GlaxoSmithKlein, OgilvyRed, Unilever and Wyndham Worldwide are some of the organizations that have chosen The Blake Project to help build an advantage for their marketers.

Select Brand Education Topics

  • Brand Identity and Architecture Workshop
  • 40 Most Common Brand Problems
  • Innovative Marketing Techniques that Work
  • Creating Brand Insistence
  • Brand Positioning Workshop
  • 50 Ways to Differentiate a Brand
  • Cracking the Customer Code
  • Developing the Brand Building Organization
  • Measuring and Managing Brand Equity
  • Branding Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sales Support: Helping Your Organization Meet or Exceed its
  • Revenue Goals
  • Brands, People & Organizational Vitality
  • Decoding Brand Research
  • The Future of Branding
  • Mastering Brand Planning
  • Digital Brand Strategy

Brand Identity and Architecture Workshop

This workshop focuses on the design of a brand’s structure, architecture or family tree. Learn the different types of relationships that can exist between brands and sub-brands and when sub-brands are necessary and when they are not. We address ingredient branding, co-branding and brand en­dorsement. The workshop also provides information on all of the most impor­tant brand identity components – name, logo, tagline, etc. We highlight the different types of names that can be created and used and the situations for which they are most appropriate. And discuss the importance of color in a brand identity system and the meanings associated with different colors. Finally, we share ways to ensure consistency in brand presentation across communication vehicles (through brand identity guidelines, systems and processes).

40 Most Common Brand Problems

This workshop identifies the 40 most common brand management issues that organizations encounter and addresses how they might be resolved. The issues range from organizational governance issues to brand identity issues. This workshop is based upon the experience of hundreds of organiza­tions. It offers practical, common sense solutions to the problems that most often plague otherwise potentially successful brands.

Innovative Marketing Techniques that Work

Learn about 60+ innovative marketing techniques that have been highly successful for other organizations. This workshop will be conducted as an in­teractive exercise/game in which members of the audience pick an image in a matrix and a story is told about how one or more companies have used the corresponding technique to achieve their marketing objectives. At the end of this exercise, you will have the opportunity to generate and share additional innovative marketing techniques.

This workshop will help you to think creatively and broadly about how to market your brand(s). You will leave with specific techniques that you can use to market your brands.

Creating Brand Insistence

We have developed and tested a very powerful and proprietary system of brand equity measurement and management across numerous orga­nizations and industries over the past ten years. The system measures the drivers of customer brand insistence: awareness, relevant differentiation, value, acces­sibility and emotional connection. He will show you how these drivers interact to achieve the intended result — highly loyal customers. Learn how to drive your in­tended audiences from awareness of your brand to insistence upon your brand. Numerous brand and industry examples will be used throughout the workshop.

Brand Positioning Workshop

This is a hands-on workshop in which you will learn how to position your brand(s) for optimal success in the marketplace. The workshop includes a number of exercises which will help you learn how to develop the following components of your brand positions:

• Target audience/market

• Competitive frame of reference

• Differentiating brand benefits

• Brand essence

• Brand promise

• Brand personality

Much time will be devoted to talking about how to identify benefits that are believable, unique and compelling. With the help of Tutor functional, emotional, experiential and self-expressive benefits will be explored. The Tutor will review research techniques that identify customer values, needs and motivations. By the conclusion of this workshop, you will understand the importance of brand positioning. You will also be able to identify the most important components of brand positioning. Finally, you will have the knowledge to position your brand(s) for maximum success in the market place.

Cracking the Customer Code

Learn ways to gain deep insight into your customers’ values, needs, attitudes, motivations and behaviors. Includes proven and leading-edge marketing re­search techniques and online and offline approaches to soliciting customer feedback.

Developing the Brand Building Organization

Recent research shows that one of the key differentiating characteristics of or­ganizations with leading brands is that the organization and its culture reinforce the brand promise. The intent of this workshop is to help you achieve this in your organization.

Do you have problems with any of the following in your organization?

• Senior management is not focused on the brand. It is difficult to garner their support and resources over time.

• The organization is highly fragmented and resistant to change.

• People are focused on their functional silos. There is no cross-functional support of the brand.

• The organization’s culture does not reinforce the brand.

• The organization’s operations and systems do not support the brand.

• The brand message is only one of many among all of the corporate rate messages.

This practical, hands-on workshop starts with a checklist to help you assess how well you are doing at developing a brand building organization. The checklist covers activities from internal communication and training to senior manage­ment support and business process design. You then go over each area in de­tail, learning specific techniques, brainstorming new ones and sharing successes and failures with one another. You will be given an opportunity to develop an action plan for your organization.

Measuring and Managing Brand Equity

Based upon our BrandInsistence™ model, this seminar helps organizations learn how to measure, manage and build their brands’ equities.

Branding Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions

In this workshop we will cover all of the most common branding issues created by mergers and acquisitions together with the best ways to ad­dress/resolve those issues. He will cover everything from merging disparate cul­tures to brand identity and architecture implications.

Sales Support: Helping Your Organization Meet or Exceed its Revenue Goals

While marketers tend to look forward to developing ‘breakthrough’ advertising campaigns and other similarly stimulating activities, often they are appreciated most by their organizations when they are able to assist the sales force in generat­ing new revenues for those organizations. This workshop will familiarize marketers with the activities that they can pursue to help their organizations generate addi­tional sales more quickly. We will touch on everything from trade shows and sales lead generation to customer testimonials and direct mail support. The emphasis will be on those tactics that have proven to help increase sales across a wide range of industries.

Brands, People & Organizational Vitality

Brands and people are an organization’s most valuable assets. Learn about how an organization can manage its brands and people in an integrated way to maxi­mize its success. Discover how organizations can communicate with and educate their employees about their brands’ strategies and positions. Discover how through customer touch point management organizations can make their brands’ promises and personalities come to life at each customer touch point. Learn about specific techniques to achieve each of the following:

• Encourage organization leaders to become brand champions

• Turn employees into brand champions

• Drive brand management principles throughout large, de-centralized organizations

• Insure brand identity consistency throughout an enterprise.

Decoding Brand Research 

This workshop will provide brand managers and other marketing managers a thor­ough understanding of the types of research available to create, build and lever­age strong brands. It will also provide them with an understanding of the brand components that it would be most beneficial for them to measure and manage. It also covers basic research concepts and terminology so that the marketing or brand manager will be able to talk intelligently with marketing research profession­als. The workshop covers over 20 different methodologies and is organized by the following: building brands, managing brands and leveraging brands.

Mastering Brand Planning

In this seminar, we will walk you through common brand manage­ment goals, objectives and metrics. We will also present over 50 generic strate­gies and tactics that can help you meet those objectives. Finally, he will help you begin to craft a brand plan for your brand or organization. You will receive a marketing objective/tactic matrix and other useful planning templates.

Digital Brand Strategy

This seminar will cover every aspect of building brands in our digital world. Numerous examples of how organizations have leveraged the five drivers of customer brand insistence — awareness, relevant differentiation, value, accessibility and emotional con­nection — online will be shared. All of the most recent online brand building techniques will be covered in this seminar.


• Marketing Oriented Leaders
• Advertising agency professionals (account executives, partners, etc.)
• Marketing professionals (managers, directors, vice presidents, etc.)
• All professionals involved in brand building

Most workshops are comprised of lecture, group/team and individual exercises. Many of the workshops will include templates and checklists to help you apply these concepts to your brands. We can customize any existing seminar or create new ones to meet your needs.