What Is A Brand? Our Collected Definitions

Brand Definitions. We've all heard a few in our time. For fun we've compiled a list from a wide variety of sources...
Derrick DayeSeptember 22, 20063961 min

What is a brand? Surprisingly the marketing world has yet to agree on any one definition. To prove the point we’ve compiled a list from a wide variety of sources…

A Brand is:
• Names or symbols that identify the unique source of a product or service
• The personification of an organization, product or service
• The source of a promise to the customer
• A trust mark
• A single concept or idea imbedded in the mind of the customer
• A set of associations that enhance or detract from the related product or service
• The source of customer loyalty
• That which allows one to charge a price premium for an otherwise generic product or service
• A unique value proposition
The source of emotional connections with customers
• The primary source of customer ‘goodwill’
• That which should drive the design of the ‘total customer experience’
• The sum of all experiences a customer has with you

Are we missing your definition? Please share.

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  • Jenn Lee

    September 8, 2009 at 10:05 am

    What is a brand? A brand is the total collective feelings that people have about a particular product/service.

    That brand is a result of:

    – the experience that customers have experienced
    – the word-of-mouth comments from previous and current customers to their friends and network
    – the comments posted on social networking sites or ecommerce sites
    – thoughts/opinions posted by bloggers
    – information/comments passed on by the people who work for the company
    – reputation of those who are in management of the company (along with the board of directors)
    – what your competitors say about your company
    – what journalists and media say about your company
    – the advertising that the company puts out into the public

  • Shivam Dhawan

    February 1, 2011 at 8:34 am

    Brand is the perception of people or summation of their feelings, towards your products, services or company.

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