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The Two-Day Brand Positioning Workshop


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The Blake Project, the brand consultancy behind Branding Strategy Insider offers a highly facilitated two-day workshop designed to help brand owners gain clarity and consensus on key strategic and creative decisions that impact business success when introducing new products, inventing new brands and transforming under-performing brands.

With a process designed for issue resolution, marketing and brand management teams come together in a creative environment that aligns stakeholders around the brand’s target customer segment, desired brand positioning, brand promise, essence and delivery in the markets the brand will compete.

Over the course of two days we work with you to build a strategic roadmap for brand growth and success through focus in four key areas:

To whom you market
You can only create successful products or solutions when you know who the most fervent buyers will be. It is critical to understand as much as you can about the core target customer segment to whom the brand is intended to appeal.

Why they buy
Grabbing the largest share requires a complete understanding on what drives the target customer to products/brands in your space. Defining the context that will give the brand unquestioned relevance to the target customer against their illuminating needs, motivations, attitudes, and preferences is essential for brand building success.

What makes your brand highly valued and difficult to substitute
To drive purchase behavior, the brand needs to represent a compelling and highly emotional benefit to the target customer. This benefit must be relevant, differentiating and believable. How well you position your products/services will determine whether your brand will make it into the hearts and minds of the target customer and dominate their spending patterns.

How the brand competes
Your brand equity is a culmination of every experience customers have with your brand. These associations, attitudes and perceptions determine whether the brand will have loyal advocates who will be the first to try new products and extensions or whether the brand will be among the thousands of failures each year.

Workshop Prerequisites
With a consultative and collaborative approach, The Blake Project focuses the structure of this workshop around specific issues and challenges your brand teams are confronting. The workshop structure relies extensively on existing and relevant market research and customer insight. Within the format of the workshop, the client’s market research and insight forms the basis of all hypotheses and decisions made by brand team participants and by our brand strategists.

Prior to the workshop we will review and assess relevant aspects of your market research and design the approach required to address the specific challenges faced by the brand team. The issues assessment is reviewed with the brand owners prior to the Workshop.

Who should participate?
In our view, brand teams consist of CEOs, CMOs, Marketing Directors, Product Development Managers, Brand Managers, Marketing Communications Directors, Agency Partners as well as other key stakeholders whose full support of the strategy is critical.

A compliment to our one-day workshop, the two-day brand  positioning workshop is NOW ONLINE.

The process is particularly useful when Brand Teams are in the early stages of:

  • planning to introduce new products, or extending your brand into new product categories.
  • inventing new brands from the ground up.
  • planning to enter new markets or serve a new customer segment
  • planning to bring new life to under-performing brands
  • planning to shift brand messaging and communication strategies

Deliverable: Workshop Executive Summary Report
The deliverable is a comprehensive executive summary documenting all final decisions and hypothesis regarding the brand’s strategic positioning. The executive summary will serve as a basis for developing actionable creative briefs guiding the brand team’s marketing communications partners and future marketing initiatives.

The report will include detailed descriptions of following workshop content:

Brand Positioning Criteria
The Brand Mission and Vision
The Frame of Reference
Target Customer Segment Description
Target Customer Benefit Hierarchy
Behavioral Drivers / What Target Customers Value Most
Brand Positioning Framework
Final Brand Positioning Statement, Brand Essence, Brand Promise
Desired Target Customer Associations with the Brand
The Brand Essence
Strategic Imperatives and Next Steps

Drawing from more than two decades of expertise, this workshop is designed to help you and your brand teams: a.) identify  opportunities b.) recalibrate their focus c.) concentrate on creating bigger futures for their brands in a creative, collaborative and interactive setting.

Please email me for more about how this workshop can benefit your brand.

Branding Strategy Insider is a service of The Blake Project: A strategic brand consultancy specializing in Brand Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Licensing and Brand Education

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The Two-Day Brand Positioning Workshop