The Brand Values Alignment Workshop

Derrick DayeNovember 5, 20125532 min

Leading brands are always differentiated by their shared values. If the values your brand represents are not aligned to the values of your target customer, no amount of marketing will move them to your brand.

Customers build an emotional connection with brands whose values align with their own. This alignment separates brands that lead and brands that follow. To help brands gain and maintain the advantage values alignment delivers, The Blake Project developed The Brand Values Alignment Workshop.

Shared Values Form The Basis For All Relationships

The Brand Values Alignment Workshop helps you to determine the values that are authentic for your brand and mirror the values of its target customers. The workshop is preceded by customer research that identifies the values that are most important to your customers along with the values that are perceived to be appropriate for your brand and its product/service category.

In this one-day, research based, strategic workshop, we help you select the most powerful and authentic values for your brand to own. And then we help you articulate those values in a truly compelling way. And finally, we facilitate a high-energy ideation session in which you are able to generate many meaningful ways to demonstrate and reinforce those values at each point of customer contact.

Leading Brands Connect With People On A Values Level

One of the most powerful things a brand can do is align its values with its customer’s values. While brands can promise functional, emotional, experiential or self-expressive benefits, those whose values are aligned with their customers’ values are much more likely to achieve a deeper and longer lasting loyalty. This coupled with today’s competitive environment makes brand values alignment a priority of every brand marketer.

The outcomes of The Blake Project’s Brand Values Alignment Workshops have proven vital for startup, emerging, regional, national, non-profit and global B2C, B2B brands in:

-Gaining clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of your brand
-Gaining stakeholder consensus on what the brand stands for at a values level
-Anchoring the brand culture with one ‘ownable’ point of difference
-Educating stakeholders on the best practices in brand strategy and brand differentiation
-Guiding internal and external communications in staying on brand
-Building emotional connection

Please email us for more about how The Brand Values Alignment Workshop can benefit your brand.

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