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Now that we have thousands of thought pieces on the topic of brand management here on Branding Strategy Insider, I thought it was time to revisit what a brand is. I will list my favorite definitions but hope that you will also add your favorites to the list.

  • A brand is the source of a promise to its customers. It promises relevant, differentiated benefits.
  • A brand is the personification of an organization and its products or services. It has a personality and character and can be trusted or not.
  • A brand resides in the mind of the customer. It is the sum total of all experiences and associations that the customer has with it.
  • A brand consists of identity elements that link to associations in the customer’s mind.
  • A brand is a gut feeling about an organization and its products and services.
  • A brand is a promise consistently made backed by an experience consistently delivered.
  • The primary indicator of a brand is the ability to charge a price premium over commodities in the same product/service category.
  • A brand indicates the unique source of a product or service.
  • The brand is the story behind an organization and its products and services.
  • A brand is the identity applied to an organization and it products and services.
  • A brand is the value delivered above and beyond the functional value of the product or service (or the book value of an organization)

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Piyush on September 18th, 2012 said

A brand is something which remains with the consumer long after the product has been consumed

Ashley K. Edwards on October 02nd, 2012 said

A brand is emotion.

Who are some of the best brands in the marketplace today, in your opinion?

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