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Brand storytelling is the art of connecting the hearts and minds of customers to shared values and ideals that define the “sacred truth” of why the brand exists and who benefits from its existence. Compelling brand stories serve to remind us of something sacred and valued about ourselves rather than promoting some new product feature or additive. Explore the best practices in brand storytelling strategy on Branding Strategy Insider.
Three Royal Lessons On Branding

The pomp and circumstance of the state funeral for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was magnificent, indeed, breathtaking. Throughout the hours-long broadcast, we were reminded over and over we would never see anything like this again in our lifetimes, and that no country does pageantry like Great Britain. I concur.

One Simple Test For Effective Advertising

John Wanamaker, a successful retailer and merchant, is reputed to have said that “half of my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” Such sentiments have oft been repeated in the years since Wanamaker’s death. There is no doubt that advertising, with its strong focus on creativity and the use of ever evolving media technology, remains a bit of a mystery. Yet the things that make advertising effective are well known. They have...

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