Responsibilities Of A Brand Champion

Derrick DayeFebruary 14, 20082941 min

True brand champions have this on their plate every day…

•    Ensuring that the CEO shares the primary brand champion role with you
•    Ensuring that the brand has a carefully crafted mission, vision, values, purpose and promise
•    Maximizing relevant brand differentiation
•    Ensuring that the brand has an attractive personality
•    Making sure the brand stands for something important to the target customer
•    Making sure all employees understand what the brand stands for
•    Aligning organization strategy with brand strategy
•    Creating and sustaining organization-wide passion for the brand’s mission, vision and promise
•    Ensuring a culture of brand: that the organization delivers against the brand essence, promise and personality at each point of contact the brand makes with employees, customers, shareholders, the press and any other stakeholders
•    Ensuring that the brand acts with consistency and integrity
•    Maximizing the target customer’s awareness of the brand
•    Infusing the brand with relevant innovation
•    Keeping the brand alive and “vital”

On this Valentine’s Day, tell a brand champion you love them.

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  • Trent Bigelow

    February 14, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    Hi Derrick! Great post! I do this and more every day as the Chief Brand Evangelist for Climate Clean (, the only carbon offset strategy group out there that gets the whole picture.

    Would love to talk more about this. I’ve even created an interdisciplinary studies major in “Brand Evangelism,” at USC — drawing upon top faculty from USC’s Business, Religion, and Annenberg School of Communications. Pretty crazy! Big ideas!

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