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Common Brand Problems

Overcoming Common Brand Problems – 23


Overcoming Common Brand Problems

We are counting down the 40 most common brand problems. You’re only a newspaper ad away from finding this very common brand problem…

Common Brand Problem Number 23: Trying to make too many points in your brand communication rather than focusing on the one or two most compelling points of difference

Analysis: The effectiveness of brand communication diminishes in direct proportion to the number of points you attempt to make in your communication. More is not better. This problem arises most often in companies with a junior marketing staff or where marketing is practiced by non-marketers (engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc.).

Key Point: Ask these questions of each marketing piece you produce: Does it quickly and clearly communicate the most compelling reasons to choose our brand over the competitive alternatives? Is it convincing? Does it evoke an emotional response?

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Ron E. on January 29th, 2007 said

Thanks for making this point. This is very common and -usually- causes great brand havoc.

I agree when you said that this happens in marketing departments which consist of non-marketers. I’ve experienced this a few times already, where companies hire engineers (because they’re supposedly “good” with numbers), and then they end up pretty messed-up marketing wise.

Thanks for this small snippets of great advice. Greatly appreciated.

Lyn Chamberlin on January 30th, 2007 said

And I would add, does every marketing piece I produce not only provide air-tight reasons to choose my product or service, but also a clear and compelling reason to choose ME…..as we know, we do business most often with those who we like and trust!


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