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Common Brand Problems

Overcoming Common Brand Problems – 17


Overcoming Common Brand Problems

We are taking a look at the 40 Most Common Brand Problems, based on our experiences and yours.

Common Brand Problem Number 17: Viewing brand equity management as a communications exercise, but ignoring it in other business processes and points of contact with the consumer

Analysis: Too often, organizations relegate brand management to a specific department (advertising, marketing, brand management, etc.) or agency.

Key Point: Brand management is an organization-wide process, especially if the brand is a corporate brand. The brand promise must be delivered at each point of contact with the consumer including customer service lines, retail sales associates, etc. For the brand promise to be clear to your consumers, it must be well understood by everyone in your organization—from the CEO to the receptionist. It must be manifest not only in consumer communication, but also whenever and wherever the brand name and logo are used. Companies are rightly beginning to design the total enterprise in support of the brand promise, including putting mechanisms in place to develop a brand building culture.

Have you witnessed Common Brand Problem 17?

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