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Common Brand Problems

Overcoming Common Brand Problems – 6


Overcoming Common Brand Problems

We are analyzing The 40 Most Common Brand Problems and how to overcome them. Some are harder than others…

Common Brand Problem Number 6: Applying branding decisions at the end of the product development process (“Now, what will we name this?”) versus treating brand management as the key driver of all of your enterprise’s activities.

Analysis: You are probably working for a manufacturing company that really doesn’t understand brand management and marketing. They design, manufacture and sell products and services. They don’t market brands, or if they do, they leave that function to the advertising or communications department or to the advertising agency.

Key Point: A brand is a source of a promise to the consumer. Everything a company does should support that promise. Start with the target consumer and the brand design (essence, promise, personality and positioning) and from that basis decide what the products and services will be. (This may be an organization design and staffing competency issue.)

What brand challenges are you facing? Tell us. We’ll make sure it’s one of the next 34 problems we address.

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