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Common Brand Problems

Overcoming Common Brand Problems – 14


Overcoming Common Brand Problems

We are taking a look at the 40 Most Common Brand Problems, based on our experiences and yours.

Common Brand Problem Number 14: Overexposing the brand to the point that it becomes “uncool”

Analysis: Occasionally, a brand can become ubiquitous through aggressive marketing and distribution. While brand awareness soars, the brand loses its uniqueness or mystique and can no longer confer that mystique on its users. It becomes common. This is particularly true if the brand is mostly hype and logo and identity with no strong underlying idea or compelling point of difference. Nike has struggled with this. Its abundant success has also been its downfall (while Nike does stand for something, its overexposure made it too common.)

Key Point: Focus more on the core consumer and maintaining relevant product/service differentiation and less on brand and logo ubiquity.

Have or know of a brand problem we have not touched on? Let us know and we’ll be sure to address it in our countdown of the 40 Most Common Brand Problems.

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