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Common Brand Problems

Overcoming Common Brand Problems – 40


Overcoming Common Brand Problems - 40

As we round out our list of the 40 Most Common Brand Problems we see one that the human resources department is called on to avoid…

Common Brand Problem Number 40: Since branding has become widely known and embraced, I increasingly encounter people who can talk the talk, follow the steps in the brand management process and generally take a number of actions on behalf of the brand. What I often find missing though is a true deep-down understanding of what makes the customer tick and a passion for exceeding customer expectations in unique and compelling ways. That is, I see allot of people going through the motions without the depth of insight and the passion for excellence and differentiation. People often think that a new logo, tagline and brand style guide will “do the trick.” Usually, these are not based on deep customer insight and a carefully crafted compelling point of difference. And just as often, business managers are not willing or able to make the changes necessary to actually interact with the customer differently based upon the new brand promise.

Analysis: The art and science of branding is much more difficult than it first appears to be. While many people are labeled brand managers, only a small fraction of them have what it takes to really build and drive strong brands: the research tool set, the deep understanding of human motivation, the intuition, the analytical rigor and the driving passion and savvy to influence the entire organization. Organizations should be much more careful in selecting their brand managers. Good ones are very hard to find and worth every penny you pay them. Mediocre ones are ubiquitous and often not worth the price.

Key Point: I would recommend behavioral interviewing as one of the most effective ways to assess skills and abilities. Ask the brand manager candidates to walk you through specific case studies from their past work experiences. Probe on challenges and how they overcame them, consumer insights that led to breakthroughs, significant accomplishments and stories of how they persuaded others to join them in championing the brand.

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Randy Larsen on October 22nd, 2008 said

You have a good insight to what makes a Brand….I consult daily on brand issues from a creative stand point and at times it’s difficult….nice to read about someone who gets it….

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