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Brand Identity

Logo Design Requirements


Logo Design Requirements

A brand’s identity is a combination of visual, auditory, and other sensory components that create recognition, aid in memory encoding and decoding, represent the brand promise, provide differentiation, create communications synergy, and are proprietary. The logo is one key component. Here is what The Blake Project looks for when we evaluate logo design:

Memorable – highest recognition and recall (both of which can be tested for)

  • Including recognition at maximum distances (can be tested for)
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Timeless quality – the logo will not become dated
  • Appropriate for the product/service category
  • Has “breakthrough” quality, that is, it stands out in the midst of other logos (can be tested for)
  • Reinforces the brand name or tagline or both (can be tested for)
  • Evokes positive emotions (can be tested for)
  • Has positive brand associations (can be tested for)
  • The icon does not evoke negative or unintended associations among the target audiences (can be tested for)
  • Fits in the spaces in which it will most likely appear – has the most advantageous (vertical/horizontal) orientation
    • Including, is recognizable in small (e.g. business card) spaces
    • A version of it looks good in black and white
    • Works well with sub-brand or endorsed brand identities

Choosing a new logo should not be taken lightly and it is not a job for amateurs. Higher profile brands can expect debates, more debates, rejection and failure from less than optimal designs. Keep in mind as you move through this process, successful brand identity development and change begins from within.

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1 Comment

Joy Levin on February 06th, 2012 said

Having been involved in with consumer testing of clients’ logos, I’ve observed that many marketers often find it surprising when their viewpoint about a new logo, in terms of qualities such as those you mention (e.g., timelessness, appropriate for category) differs so much from target audience perceptions. It really pays for marketers to do some logo testing in order to make sure they are hitting the mark.

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