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Brand Sponsorships: Consider This


Brand Sponsorships: Consider This

More and more today, we see sports stadiums and arenas, theaters and other buildings being named after the companies whose sponsorship dollars allow them to put their names on those buildings. While this may very well help in establishing and reinforcing a brand’s awareness among a large local and in some cases national and global  audience over time, many people view this to be one of the worst forms of crass commercialism.

Instead of naming buildings after founders, civic leaders or other heroes, we now name them after the highest bidders. Historical names are replaced with the names of the brands with the biggest bucks. While this does not seem that different from a university naming a building after the philanthropist who made the building possible or a theater naming a seat after a donor who donates a certain amount of money, to many, it seems indicative of all the things that are wrong with our over commercialized society.

As an alternative, I might suggest that brands take a higher road, “Adopt a Highway” or underwrite specific museum or gallery exhibits, or sponsor certain performances. While it might require more thought and effort to underwrite specific events, performances, community projects and other worthwhile causes, I believe the public will give the brand credit for choosing to support certain worthwhile community-enhancing activities rather than just slapping its name on a building for a large sum of money. Somehow, the latter makes the brand seem much less self-serving, much more community oriented and much more likable.

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Stefanie on February 05th, 2007 said

I agree – I think that the subtler approach is less “in your face” for people leading to a more genuine relationship. People are so overwhelmed with marketing messages so you really have to choose carefully how you position yourself.

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