Great Moments In Advertising: First Newspaper Ad

Derrick DayeSeptember 13, 200841 min

“At Oyster-bay on Long-Island in the Province of N.York, There is a very good Fulling-Mill, to be Let or Sold, as also a Plantation, having on it a large new Brick house, and another good house by it for a Kitchin & work house, with a Barn, Stable, etc. a young Orchard, and 20 Acres clear Land. The Mill is to be Let with or without the Plantation: Enquire of Mr. William Bradford Printer in N.York, and know further.”

The advertisement above appeared in the Boston News-Letter of May 8, 1704. Twenty-five years later Benjamin Franklin would begin publishing the Pennsylvania Gazette which included pages of ‘New Advertisements’.

And the beat goes on…

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