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The Unsung Heroes Of Business Strategy

We are trained to be solution-finders. In school, we are given questions and graded on the quality of our solutions. As we develop in our careers, management examines the solutions that we propose, not the questions that we have asked. For annual reviews, “performance” is usually defined as creating and implementing solutions rather than finding the best problems to tackle. We become wonderfully efficient at solving problems, even if they are the wrong ones to solve. Few kudos come from...

5 Steps To Business Reinvention

We’ve seen how tech-oriented companies have thrived in the pandemic, from Amwell in telemedicine to Zoom in tele-everything. But what about the rest of the economy? One fast-growing pizza chain shows that Covid can create a Great Reboot for all kinds of industries. The story of this company – rooted in five key steps taken by leadership – holds lessons for all types of organizations seeking to use this moment as an opportunity for reinvention.

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