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BrandingWire: Auto Dealers


For regular readers of Branding Strategy Insider, you know that every month BrandingWire members come together to tackle real-world business problems. This month we are reaching out to auto dealers.

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BrandingWire: Launching United Wisdom


Bw_logo_no_tagmed1Next Monday, please join us on the BrandingWire for a unique collaboration of 12 marketers approaching real-world branding challenges with the power of united wisdom.

We'll focus on one topic per month, and apply our combined expertise to help move our industry and select brands from our audiences forward.

The charter membership of BrandingWire includes:

Becky Carroll, Customers Rock
Derrick Daye, Branding Strategy Insider
Steve Woodruff, StickyFigure blog
Drew McLellan, Drew’s Marketing Minute
Gavin Heaton, Servant of Chaos
Kevin Dugan, Strategic Public Relations
Martin Jelsema, The Branding Blog
Olivier Blanchard, thebrandbuilder
Patrick Schaber, The Lonely Marketer
Ann Handley, Marketing Profs Daily Fix
Valeria Maltoni, Conversation Agent
Lewis Green, bizsolutionsplus

BrandingWire is set to launch a week from today on Monday, June 11th. Expect an additional resource to help you release the full potential of your brand.

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