Branding Ideas: Internal Brand Building

Derrick DayeMarch 9, 20071631 min

Branding Ideas: Internal Brand Building

In a large-scale brand rollout, Transunion conducted an employee photo contest to generate a large number of free photographs for the brand image library. Employees were asked to submit photos that reinforced the brand positioning. For each photo that they submitted, they earned “brand bucks” that could be used toward the purchase of insignia merchandise. The Benefits:

•inexpensive compilation of a brand image library

encouraging the employees to think about what the brand stands for

•allowing the brand team to assess how well employees understand the brand positioning

•enabling employees to demonstrate brand pride through insignia merchandise, resulting in greater brand awareness by all who see the employees wearing the insignia merchandise.

These qualities seem to imply three roles:

(1) vision crafter, (2) teacher/evangelist and (3) standards enforcer.

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  • Pepita Bos

    March 9, 2007 at 4:27 am

    The first three points I understand and like. The fourth one with the brand bucks and the insignia, gives me the creeps. That is probably a cultural thing, because I cannot imagine the Dutch going around the workplace wearing company insignia. So what would you do in a culture that doesn’t go for insignia. But also why – if you want to wear the insignia – do you have to earn them? Thirdly, what is in it for the employees, except a chestfull of insignia?

  • Derrick Daye

    March 12, 2007 at 1:49 am


    I appreciate your perspective. Wearing insignia may be a cultural issue. From day one Americans are raised in a ‘team’ environment. We align ourselves with brands and want everyone to know where we stand.

    Perhaps this goes back to our roots when self-expression and other freedoms were limited and/or scrutinized.

    It’s not uncommon in the U.S. to display corporate pride – voluntarily. It’s also not uncommon to buy items at the company store with the insignia. So ‘Brand Bucks’ present a welcome price break.

    In a culture that may be resistant to wearing corporate insignia (and I know the Dutch are known for their individualism) other ideas must be implemented.

    Perhaps reward those employees who are doing good deeds in the community (with time off?). By doing so they are promoting a positive image of the brand even if it is indirectly – their deeds are the badge – no insignia required.

    Would this work in Holland?


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