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Branding Snapshot

Branding Snapshot

Branding Snapshot – June 17


Every Sunday I like to take a moment and try to collect some of the blur that was the past week on Branding Strategy Insider and elsewhere. There’s much to take in. It helps that we’re all writing it down…

Peter on Change Leadership
Improve systematically. Exploit success. Innovate systematically. Written with deep meaning from the father of modern management.

Brad on Overcoming Common Brand Problems
When trade deals and sales promotion are favored at the expense of brand building we see the cause of number 33 in our list.

Martin on how the Future is Blogs
Are brands ready to make the leap?


Do consumers love brands?
Funding Ideas – What VC’s are looking for…
A blog we like…

All the best for the week ahead…

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Branding Snapshot Derrick Daye

Branding Snapshot – June 3


Every Sunday on Branding Strategy Insider we take a look back on the week that was. We re-cap some of our favorite posts of the week and share insights we discovered elsewhere.  This week the days were shaped by…

Brad on Building Winning Brands
The thirteenth most important thing to know about building winning brands is that brands are personifications of organizations, products, services and experiences.

Seth on Understanding the Funnel
The Google funnel is easily measured and if you're marketing anything to anyone, you need to understand it.

Peter on Integrity in Leadership
Character is not something one can fool people about. The people with whom a person works, and especially subordinates, know in a few weeks whether he or she has integrity or not.


A nice companion piece to Peter’s thoughts, The Neuroscience of Leadership…
Daria’s MediaBlog never fails us…
Find your SEO Bull’s-eye with our partner Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal…

Bring on the new week…

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Branding Snapshot Derrick Daye

Branding Snapshot – May 27


This last full week of May was as fruitful as ever around the blogosphere. Here on Branding Strategy Insider the week was influenced by these thoughts…

Seth on Trademarks
What every entrepreneur, geek, brand manager and marketer needs to know about trademarks…

Martin on The Vision Statement
What value do companies gain from such statements?

Derrick on Memory & Communication
Does the memory of images decay less rapidly than the memory of words?

Brad on Overcoming Common Brand Problems
While it might be tempting to choose a name that describes your product or service, it’s a mistake.

New on Branding Strategy Insider
We are featuring marketers seeking employment. Currently, Bill Perkins is seeking a C-level or VP-level position in marketing or business development.

Comment(s) of the Week
Goes to Steve Woodruff on The Vision Statement

We like:
Chris Brown’s perspective on Branding & Marketing
David Armano’s Logic & Emotion
David Koopmans' Business of Marketing & Branding

Looking forward to a new week, new month and new discoveries…

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Branding Snapshot

Branding Snapshot – May 20


There’s never a dull moment in this marketing universe. This past week we sharpened our wits around the blogosphere, and made a few points of our own here on Branding Strategy Insider…

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Branding Snapshot

Branding Snapshot – May 13


I hope this past week on Branding Strategy Insider was as meaningful for you as it was for us – everything we share here helps focus and calibrate our own brand.

Brad on Building Winning Brands
The eleventh most important thing to know about building winning brands is that the corporate culture must reinforce the brand positioning.

Seth on The Brand Formula
What is his advice on growing a valuable brand?

Brad on Customer Touchpoint Design
Making the brand promise real at each point of customer contact.

Branding Rally
We’ve been having a robust conversation on Place Branding with a range of experts on the subject. We need your help in deciding what the focus of the next rally will be. Thoughts?


Subliminal Advertising at work…
Word of Mouth: Hoping consumers named Stacy will talk…
A professional athlete takes up cause marketing on his blog to strikeout ALS…
Celebrate this Mother’s Day with a greater understanding of how to market to women online…

Here’s to new ideas and welcoming new clients in the coming week.

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