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Brand Promise

Brand Promise: Keep It Real


Brand Promise: Keep It Real

Keeping it ‘Real’. In branding that can be defined as the art of making promises you can really keep. Saying what you mean and doing what you say. It’s no secret that the strongest brands are designed to be the best at keeping their promises. What kind of promises do these brands make?

A promise to meet expectations (though they strive to exceed them)
A promise of differentiated benefits that are unique, compelling and relevant – they mean something to the customer
A promise that is kept at every point of customer contact
A promise that is impossible or very difficult for a competitor to keep
A promise that is iron-clad over time
A promise that delivers an aspect of social responsibility – ‘Our’ relationship helps others
A promise that is forged specifically with the customer – asking them exactly what they want and giving them exactly what they want
A promise to meet the changing needs of the customer (evolving along the way by identifying unmet needs and adjusting the offer)

When brands keep promises, customers make promises with brands. We call it brand loyalty.
Are you keeping your promises? It’s much easier if you ‘Keep it real’.

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1 Comment

C. Webb on November 02nd, 2006 said

I love this stuff! I started studying marketing management because I enjoy thinking about the prinicples of creating a brand and communicating it to the world. I’m not in my last semester but I have so much more to learn. I’m excited to start applying this stuff.


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