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A powerful brand purpose sets out how a company intends to change the world for the better. Its role is to unite customers and culture alike in the pursuit of that intention. It’s a statement of belief, of hope, of pursuit. Branding Strategy Insider explores the best practices in defining an effective brand purpose.
Measuring The Business Outcomes Of Purpose

One of the most sophisticated methods I’ve encountered for measuring end-state outcomes linked to purpose was at the EY organization (leave it to the accountants to lead in this area). Defining their purpose as “building a better working world,” the company linked it to an “ambition,” the provision of “long-term value as the world’s most trusted, distinctive, professional services organization.” This emphasis on long-term value is critical, highlighting one of the most important features of...

The Process Of Becoming A Values-Driven Company

How often do we say, in other forums, to make sure we start with the consumer and not our own egos? The consumer now owns the brand relationship, not the other way around. We, as brand owners, are no longer in charge and can no longer dictate the terms of the brand relationship. Knowing that, it is incumbent that you begin the process of developing your brand values by immersing yourself in the values, vocabulary,...

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