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Promises matter to customers. If your brand doesn’t deliver what you promise to customers, in time, you won’t matter to them. This is true in every product category. This is true in all walks of life. More importantly, in our social media crazed world, vetting out broken brand promises made to consumers has instant ramifications to the credibility and trajectory of your brand’s perceived value.
Brand Promises And The OGSM Framework

To avoid a major strategic blunder, brand owners need to ensure the investments their company makes are focused on better enabling their brand promise to be realized. One of the most effective strategy design and deployment tools I have used (and recommend) is the OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures) Framework. It is the process we used at P&G to manage our global business. It is also used by countless other companies and facilitated by innumerable...

3 Keys To Balancing Brand Promise And Delivery

We live in an exciting time where the scope of innovation and technological advances are so common, they’re not just anticipated, they’re expected. The rapid-fire pace at which we’re advancing products and services to make them smarter, more adaptable, and more automated is nothing short of amazing. What impact does this have on the brand promises that are being made?

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