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When thinking about product and brand innovation – what seems to elude many executive leaders is that people do not buy products, they buy into meanings.
Finding New Ways To Resonate With Customers

At first glance, the liquor business may not seem in dire need of customer-centric innovation. After all, revenue from the alcoholic beverage market has been steadily rising over the past decade and is projected to continue that way, after a slight dip in the wake of Covid-19. Drinks have become a critical ingredient in many customers’ experiences, whether it’s a casual night out with friends or a more formal occasion. To top it off, the...

3 Ways To Make Trend Insights Actionable

Not that long ago, it would have seemed strange for companies to send their employees into consumers’ homes to observe how they used products and tackled challenges.  Now, corporate anthropologists and ethnographers – researchers trained to observe people and cultures – are fairly common, especially among consumer goods companies. The same companies that once led the way in popularizing ethnographic research – customer-centric leaders such as P&G, Intel, Ford, and General Motors – are now...

Why True Customer Motivations Are Often Missed

In 1997, Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen published his first seminal work, The Innovator’s Dilemma, which laid out a concept he termed “Disruptive Innovation.” It took a few years for the book to catch on, but eventually its tightly-reasoned, well-evidenced and counter-intuitive approach found deep resonance with innovators worldwide.

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