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When thinking about product and brand innovation – what seems to elude many executive leaders is that people do not buy products, they buy into meanings.
Three Disciplines For Achieving Disruptive Innovation

About twenty-five years ago, Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen coined the term “disruptive innovation.” I worked with Clay for many years building his consulting practice, and I can tell you that he had no idea the concept would take off as it did. Nor did he suspect that interpretations of the concept would become so mangled. It was one of his regrets that he didn’t call disruptive innovation by a more precise name that...

The Primary Driver Of Customer-Centric Innovation

Jobs to be Done is a way to understand why customers behave the way they do. It lays the groundwork for on-target innovation by digging deep to uncover what people are really seeking in a purchase occasion and what vectors exist for new ways to perform. Done right, this approach is both expansive and precise, uncovering a landscape of opportunity and exactly what must be done to meet customer needs. It is used across many...

Why Focus And Unfocus Are Vital For Creativity

Ambiguity can be at odds with many design approaches and with creative work in general. But ambiguity can actually help you get the most from any creative process if you know how to navigate it. Part of that navigation includes knowing when to focus and when to unfocus. For example, when your creative work requires making multiple decisions in a short period of time, focus is imperative. When you’ve been staring a screen too long,...

Fostering Creativity And Innovation For Competitive Advantage

A senior manager in a Silicon Valley high technology firm surprised the members of his management team with the observation that they did not have enough market failures. Why would any executive want more market failures? The answer is found not so much in a desire to waste resources on bad ideas but on what market failures indicate about the creativity and innovativeness of a firm.

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