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Brand Counsel

When should you seek the counsel of a brand consultant? There are several situations.

  • Your company has acquired or merged with another company.
  • You’re launching a new product, service or company.
  • A competitor has mounted an unexpected attack on your brand.
  • Your profit margin or market share is shrinking.
  • Research shows that your brand is not understood by your audience.
  • Customers don’t see a difference between your brand and your competitors.
  • You’re having difficulty knowing what to brand and how.
  • You need to decide the relationships between parent and sub brands.
  • There’s a noticeable gap between business vision and customer experience.
  • Your brand expressions don’t fit your brand strategy.
  • Your brand expressions lack excitement or relevance.
  • Your brand expressions are confusing with too many product names, sub-brands, logos, taglines, etc.
  • Your brand’s touchpoints lack consistency across media or cultural borders.
  • Your creative partners need to better understand your brand.
  • You need to get executive buy-in for brand programs.
  • You need to completely understand your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • The meaning of your brand fluctuates as executives come and go.
  • You want/need to educate your organization on the benefits of building a strong brand.
  • You want to extend your brand into new product or service categories and would like to know which categories have the highest probability for success.
  • You want to set up brand metrics against which to measure the success of branding endeavors.
  • You want to make your brand more relevant to certain customers.
  • You want to bring the brand to life at each point of customer contact.
  • You want to take your brand global.
  • You need to revive your brand.
  • You need to ‘sell’ the brand internally.
  • You need a big idea or someone to execute your big idea.
  • You need an expert marketing witness in a legal dispute.
  • You need an interim Chief Marketing Officer. (CMO)
  • You need a research-proven celebrity endorsement strategy.
  • You want to license your brand for maximum effect.
  • You want to educate / train your organization on important concepts in brand management.
  • You want to educate yourself on important concepts in brand management.
  • You need to strategically define the story your brand can tell.
  • You need to better understand those most important to your future.
  • You need clarity and confidence in your brand strategy.
  • You want to build a stronger emotional connection to your brand.

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