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Derrick DayeDecember 8, 20115095 min

2017 is on the horizon and with it the x-factor of increased competition. The stakes are high. How will your brand fare? Will it meet expectations? Brand Aid helps marketers around the world build an advantage in their marketplace. This indispensable guide to building winning brands will help you and your colleagues too.

Perhaps you need to help a CEO or CFO better understand brand management or you are looking to strengthen the company collection of marketing books, consider Brad VanAuken’s Brand Aid, the first comprehensive, practical how-to guide on building winning brands.

In writing this book, Brad draws upon his over thirty years of experience building world-class brands. It is full of templates, formula, case studies, research findings, and other useful tools on topics ranging from brand research, brand positioning and brand advertising to brand equity measurement, legal issues in brand management and creating a brand building organization. 

It avoids jargon and is succinct and easy to read. It covers all of the most pressing brand management and marketing issues faced by today’s busy marketing manager in today’s complex marketing environment.

Key features include:

  • rare overview of the entire brand management process
  • analysis of the 40 most common brand problems together with their solutions
  • 17 checklists (450+ questions) covering all areas of brand management
  • extensive coverage of two very timely topics – (1) brand building on the Internet and (2) creating a brand building organization
  • 60+ non-traditional marketing approaches that work
  • extensive brand management and marketing research findings
  • template for conducting a comprehensive brand audit
  • extensive directory of online brand management and marketing resources

If you are responsible for building your organization’s brand or helping clients build theirs, this best-selling book will become your indispensable roadmap. What are savvy marketers saying about Brand Aid? 

‘Brand Aid is an asset for the beginner and veteran brand builder alike. No matter what size your organization or how great your brand expertise, this book can provide a point of reference and new insights.’ Elizabeth Hunter, Senior Brand Specialist, Bank of America

‘Finally, a road map for the often treacherous journey of building and maintaining great brands. This is an indispensable tool for all marketers. Brand Aid is the essential toolkit for today’s (and tomorrow’s) brand marketers.’ Jim Harman, Manager, Corporate Advertising, General Electric

‘A comprehensive guide unlike any other on the market today. Apply what you learn to your brand building activities and watch the value of your brand and bottom line increase.’ Amy Kelm, Worldwide Consumer Brand Development Manager, Hewlett-Packard

It’s great to have a strong brand customers love and are happy to pay a premium for, but when a brand gets overextended, under-advertised, overpriced or develops other problems, few entrepreneurs know what to do. In Brand Aid, author and marketing consultant Brad VanAuken goes a long way toward remedying these problems…Brand Aid is a significant addition to the brand marketing library.” Entrepreneur

Of all the books I’ve read on marketing and branding, this one is the shining star! I’ll also go out on a limb and assert that it’s one of the best books I’ve seen published by AMACOM.” Midwest Book Review

It’s [Brand Aid] terrific. It’s packed with useful research data and checklists on everything from how to write an agency brief to 22 reasons why great brands decline.”

My desk has been home to a bumper crop of worthwhile new books on brands and branding for the past several months. A standout in the group is Brand Aid by Brad VanAuken, which offers an almost encyclopedic look at every step in the brand process. Highly recommended.” Quirkís Marketing Research Review

If you are a beginner in the world of branding, you will find Brand Aid an enjoyable and helpful read to get you started. For a seasoned brand manager, Brand Aid will prove itself to be a source of fresh ideas and new ways of thinking.” Journal of Product and Brand Management

‘Brad VanAuken has delivered one of the best brand education and reference tools I have come across. This book will always be within arms’ length from my working area for assistance in brand savvy throughout every workday.’ Carole Sustak, Manager, Marketing Strategy & Branding, AAA National

‘Many books have been written about branding in the past 15 years. Many are short and focus on only a few aspects of the complex process of building and nurturing a brand. With Brand Aid, Brad VanAuken has pulled it all together in one of the most comprehensive books ever written on the subject. If you work in marketing, read it. If not, make sure your marketing team has.’ Ron Dix, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Bush Brothers & Company

‘The checklists are an incredibly effective way for any marketer to evaluate and grade their brand’s current marketing performance. Brand Aid should really be named Brands for Dummies. I’m definitely going to keep this one around and I only wish I had found it years ago.’ Dan Hucko, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Harris Interactive Inc.

‘Brad VanAuken’s practical, step-by-step guide to brand management and marketing resonates with experience and insight. Excellent refresher for the most seasoned marketer and a great introduction for those new to the field. I’m keeping my copy on my desk and giving one to everyone in our advertising agency.’ Sharon Napier, President, Wolf Group

‘This book surprised me. It’s found a newly practical and authoritative way to describe how to do branding. In this, it is quite unlike any other 100 plus books on branding that I have read.’ Chris Macrea, Chief Brand Officer, and author of World Class Brands and Brand Chartering Handbook

‘Thank you for your insight. Your book is concise and is an excellent teaching tool for the first-time and experienced brand manager.’ Ernie Avellana, Vice President of Marketing, Control Diabetes Services, a subsidiary of Eli Lilly & Company

‘Quite possibly the best book I have seen on the topic of creating and maintaining a “brand” is Brad VanAuken’s Brand Aid. It will prove to be a powerful resource to anyone wrestling with the challenge of the entire process of building a high-impact brand and trouble-shooting the issues that come with it. If you want your company to become the next Nike, Disney or Absolut, this is the one book you want to read. And then read again!’ Alan Caruba, Bookviews

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