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Brand Loyalty

Beware Of Brand Loyalty Threats


Brand Loyalty Erosion

Often we don’t leave a favorite brand because of anything dramatic. In fact, quite the opposite: the experiences we have quietly fade to the point where there’s less reasons to stay than to go.

One day the food isn’t quite as good as it was, the movies on the flight haven’t been changed in a while, the person we spoke with just now was that little bit less warm, the changes in the insurance policy are more inflexible and the biscuits in the pack are smaller and taste different.

Brands make these changes with the best of intentions for the business. They do it to save money, to introduce a shortcut, to be more efficient. It’s just a little change right, a little reduction – think of it as portion control. No-one will notice. And most people don’t.

Unfortunately, the people who do notice are the people who have been loyal to the brand. They know where this is heading. Not today perhaps. Not tomorrow. But at some point, this is going to be yet another formulated cheap experience. They know because it’s happened to them before. Many times before.

So while the brands are congratulating themselves on what they’ve got away with, there’s a good chance that the top x% of their customers are mentally packing their bags. As a steward of your brand, challenge anyone and anything that is trying to threaten the loyalty you fought so hard to build.

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1 Comment

Ed Mathie
Twitter: emathie
on May 13th, 2015 said

Couldn’t agree more that “Unfortunately, the people who do notice (small changes) are the people who have been loyal to the brand.”

When updating a brand identity/expression, incremental changes can be pin pricks to loyal users, and also too small for people outside the franchise to notice.

We advise clients to either change it or don’t — but avoid the dead zone in between.

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