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Organizational Learning And Competitive Advantage

There’s an old saying that change is the only constant in business. If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is to remind us of the enduring truth of this adage and of the fundamental imperative for companies to keep learning. Companies master change only by keeping up and adapting as conditions evolve. Today’s knowledge won’t help with tomorrow’s challenges. Only organizations that put a premium on learning will survive, much less thrive. Yet...

Time And Intensity Redefine Brand Engagement

The consumer journey continues to evolve as consumers create—and demand—a more flexible and episodic relationship with the marketplace. Whereas traditional engagement was based on consistency and sustained interaction, engagement now comes in torrents that stop as quickly as they start. The shift to this new nature of relationship, what we call Torrential Engagement, is driven by two key elements: time and intensity.

Brands Must Amplify Simplicity To Be Heard

The modern digital age exposes consumers to unprecedented levels of information, with much of it coming from brands and businesses. In 1980, 25 years before the advent of the smartphone, Americans were exposed to the equivalent of 10 gigabytes of data per day. 28 years later, in 2008, the human hard drive processed 34 gigs of daily data. Today, Americans absorb roughly 74 gigabytes of information every single day, the equivalent of nine DVDs worth...

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