Advertising Age’s Marketing 50 Awards 2008

Derrick DayeDecember 10, 20083082 min

Earlier this month Advertising Age announced their selection for the Top 50 marketing ideas of 2008 and the marketers behind them. This February they will be honored in New York. Congratulations to this years nominees…

•    AmEx Members Project
Belinda Lang, American Express Co.
•    Bakugan Battle Brawlers
Ronnen Harary, Spin Master Ltd.
•    “The Biggest Loser” Product Line
Mark Koops, Reveille
•    Blu-Ray
Chris Fawcett, Sony Electronics Home Product Division
•    Bounty 
Brad Schwan, Procter & Gamble Co.
•    Campbell’s low-sodium soups
Lisa Walker, Campbell Soup Co.
•    Carol’s Daughter
Steve Stoute, Carol’s Daughter
•    CTS
John Howell, General 5Motors Corp.
•    Coors Banquet
Andy England, MillerCoors
•    Dunkin’ Donuts coffee
Audra Schlegel, Procter & Gamble Co.

•    Fiber One
David Clark, General Mills
•    Flip
Simon Fleming-Wood, Pure Digital Technologies
•    Garmin 
Jon Cassat, Garmin International
•    Garnier Nutritioniste
Carolyn Holba, Maybelline Garnier
•    “Grand Theft Auto IV” 
Alex Moulle-Berteaux, Rockstar Games
•    GreenWorks 
Jessica Buttimer, Clorox Co.
•    G2
Carla Hassan, Gatorade
•    Häagen-Dazs 
Katty Pien, Haagen-Dazs
•    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
Phil Shalala, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
•    Hilton Hotels
Adam Burke, Hilton Hotels Corp.
•    Honest Tea
Jesse Merrill, Honest Tea
•    Hulu
Jason Kilar,
•    iPhone 3G
Phil Schiller, Apple
•    Jawbone
Elizabeth Bastiaanse Hamren, Aliph
•    Jim Beam
Rory Finlay, Beam Global Spirits & Wine
•    Kroger
David Ciancio, Kroger Co.
•    LZR Racer
Craig Brommers, Speedo USA
•    Mac & Cheese
Mary Sagripanti, Kraft Foods
•    Malibu
Mike Weidman, General Motors Corp.
•    NBA playoffs
Carol Albert, National Basketball Association
•    New Prototype
Steve Battista, Under Armour
•    Pur Flavor Options
Bruce Lux, Procter & Gamble Co.
•    Rihanna Umbrellas from Totes 
Kristen Stary, Totes-Isotoner Corp.
•    Sabra 
Rodrigo Troni, Sabra Dipping Co.
•    Secret Clinical Strength 
Janine Miletic, Procter & Gamble Co.
•    Sobe LifeWater
Jeff Dubiel, Sobe
•    Southwest Airlines 
Kevin Krone, Southwest Airlines
•    Special K 
Teresa Lindsey-Houston, Kellogg Co.
•    State Farm
Mark Gibson, State Farm
•    Sweet Tea 
Neil Golden, McDonald’s Corp.
•    Taco Bell Late Night
David Ovens, Taco Bell
•    Tofurky
Seth Tibbott, Turtle Island Foods
•    TouchSmart 
David Roman, HP Personal Systems Group
•    True Religion 
Chana Taft-Schuman, True Religion Brand Jeans
•    Uniqlo
Jean-Emmanuel Shein, Uniqlo USA
•    Vitamin Water
Rohan Oza, Glacéau
•    Whopper
Russ Klein, Burger King Corp.
•    Wii Fit 
Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America
•    WIN detergent
Jeff Crow, WIN Products
•    Zyrtec: Rohinish Hooda, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Healthcare

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