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5 Best-Ever Super Bowl Ads


5 Best-Ever Super Bowl Ads

It is exciting times for NFL fans, especially if you are like me – a New England Patriots fan. Now 13-0 the Patriots are well into their pursuit of a perfect season. It is exciting times for advertisers as well as Super Bowl 2008 has proven to be surprisingly popular. Bucking the trend of recent years more than 90% of spots have been sold at record prices of up to $2.7m. So what else will make history this year? The Patriots? Your TV Spot? Both? As we close in on kickoff let’s look at the Top 5 Super Bowl ads according to Peter Hartlaub of MSNBC (and most of the world)…

– Apple ‘1984’ (1984). A jogger representing Apple throws a sledgehammer into a Big Brother image representing IBM.

– Coke ‘Mean Joe Greene’ (1979). A kid offers his Coca-Cola to battle-weary Pittsburgh Steelers player Mean Joe Greene – who softens up enough to toss him his jersey as a reward.

– E*Trade ‘Monkey’ (2000). Two dim-witted guys and a monkey clap to some music in a garage, followed by the line: ‘Well, we just wasted 2m bucks. What are you doing with your money?’

– Reebok ‘Terry Tate: Office Linebacker'(2003). To boost productivity, a chief executive recruits a linebacker from Reebok.

– Monster.com ‘When I Grow Up …’ (1999). A group of kids stare at the camera and declare their desire to ‘be a yes man’ and ‘claw my way up to middle management’.

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Douglas Karr on December 12th, 2007 said

Seth Godin recently shared some stats that, since the campaign ended, the Reebok videos have been viewed another 2,000,000 times! The sad part? The page referenced in the original commercials is no longer valid! 404.

Joe Nicora on December 27th, 2007 said

I didn’t think that Apple spot belongs on the list, but the rest are great choices.

ralph on January 02nd, 2008 said


I do think the apple spot does belong here since it is THE spot that is referred to when Super Bowl spots are talked about outside of the us.

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