27 Questions To Ask Before Training Marketers

Derrick DayeApril 25, 20193143 min

Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals like you build strong brands. BSI readers know, we regularly answer questions from marketers everywhere. Today we hear from Arif, a VP of Marketing in Chennai, India who has this question about learning and development programs for marketing teams.

We are about to embark on an internal effort to help our marketing teams be better stewards of the brands they manage. What guidance can you offer in terms of designing our approach to a learning and development program?

Thanks for your question Arif. I think Futurist Alvin Toffler puts the importance of the work you are setting out to do in perspective; “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Indeed the same holds true for the discipline of marketing as the gap grows between what marketers know and what they need to know to make the decisions that will keep brands relevant or create relevant brands.

When The Blake Project designs and delivers learning and development programs like the one pictured above, there is a great deal of forethought to ensure we arrive at the learning outcomes that create and motivate literate marketers.

There are many formats to consider, for example learning in a group environment boosts individual and team knowledge, refines processes, and provides an excellent team-building opportunity for your organization. While some programs are best designed for independent learning or a blend of the two. The following checklist will help you plan for and deliver a program that best prepares your marketers for the journey ahead.

1. What is the organizational context which is driving the need for the program?

2. What will be the impact on your customers if this program is successful?

3. What will be the impact on your organization and your employees if this program is successful? How will you measure this?

4. How does this training program align with the company’s business objectives and strategy?

5. What other initiatives or learning programs need to be considered when designing and delivering this program?

6. What is the desired timing and sequencing of the training?

7. How many resources and what budget can be committed to this program?

8. How big of an audience are you trying to reach?

9. What is the basic demographic of the audience?

10. What are the key learning objectives? (Consider present and future aspects of marketing’s role)

11. Are there other learning offerings that exist in the organization (that you want to stay consistent with)?

12. Are there brand standards that you need to adhere to?

13. Do you want the training to be synchronous (live events) or asynchronous (taken on the learners own time)

14. What hardware will learners likely access the content from? (Computer, phone, tablet, etc.)

15. Do you have an existing platform? Could be a portal or, in the learning world, a Learning Management System

16. What if any tracking will be required? This could be none, course completion, time spent on topics, etc.

17. What if any reporting is required?

18. Is there a particular software that you prefer for developing learning?

19. Do you need to pull/push data from other internal systems?

20. What is the range of Internet access speed for the end users that would need to be considered?

21. About how many minutes of content is to be delivered? (this is often measured in seat time)

22. How interactive do you want the learning (at the low end is essentially text on screen with minimal images; at the high end a full blown simulation)

23. Do you want to include media? (audio, video, simulations, etc.). If so, does that media exist or does it need to be created?

24. Do you want to use gamification as a learning method? (The Blake Project’s card and challenge based Brandingo game pictured)

25. Do you need to include testing? Possibly a certification program?

26. Is content available or does it need to be created?

27. Do you have a population with a lot of commuting time? (could mean Podcasts are an effective method)

We hope this is helpful Arif.

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