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15 Questions Every Brand Manager Must Ask


Brand managers are expected to build an advantage for their brand. To be on the path to achieving this each must ask:

  1. Have we tightly defined our brand’s target customers?
  2. What is the brand’s awareness level among its target customers?
  3. Do we know what our brand stands for in its customers’ minds?
  4. What is our brand’s unique value proposition?
  5. What is our brand’s story?
  6. What makes our brand admirable?
  7. Does our brand possess values that it shares with its customers?
  8. Does our brand engage its customers in meaningful ways?
  9. Is our brand available where its target customers shop?
  10. What does our brand do to surprise and delight its customers?
  11. Have we carefully designed our brand’s customer touch points?
  12. Are we completely consistent in how we present our brand to the world?
  13. Does our brand connect with its customers on an emotional level?
  14. Can its customers use the brand as a vehicle for self-expression?
  15. What processes have we put in place to ensure that the brand is carefully managed?

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