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Today on Branding Strategy Insider, another question from the BSI Emailbag. Lisa, a global brand manager from New York, New York writes:

“I recently learned about your upcoming marketing conference on brand strategy. Please tell me why I should attend yours versus other marketing conferences.”

Thank you for your question Lisa and your interest in The Un-Conference: 360° of Brand Strategy for a Changing World. Let me lead up to my answer by first sharing the heart and soul of our brand strategy event for those who may be learning about it for the first time.

The Un-Conference is dedicated solely to the art and science of brand strategy and management.  For two full days, May 16 and 17, 2013 in San Diego, California, a small, exclusive group of brand marketers will gather together with legendary marketer John Sculley and the Senior Partners of The Blake Project to create a one-of-a-kind learning and networking experience dedicated to all aspects of building successful brands for the 21st century.

Intensive and illuminating, this workshop will equip participants with the insight, tools and techniques required to release the full potential of their brands in a new era where consumers drive and own the conversation about brands.

Why is this marketing conference unique? This is literally The Un-Conference.

  • There are no attendees – only participants. Each working in a team of ten, competing with and against other participants through fun and energizing learning-exercises centered on the most important concepts in brand strategy.
  • Exclusivity. Only 100 participants, 10 teams of 10, 10 tables, one room. Our focus is on deep learning and value for each participant – not how many people can be squeezed into a room. You will get to know those around you in this unique, game-based competitive-learning environment.
  • The walls are down. The experts and participants are working together in the teams for greater impact, removing the distance built into the typical conference format.
  • Real world impact. We will dive deep and help prepare you for the brand marketing challenges ahead.
  • Not your usual talking heads. John Sculley of Apple and Pepsi success will join the seasoned marketing experts of The Blake Project.
  • Jeans. We will all be wearing them. That matters as we have created a unique learning environment that addresses all learning styles – comfort is king.
  • Competitive-Learning. As in your marketplace – Some will win, Some will lose, All will learn. Embedded in the workshop experience is a unique game we designed with the elements of skill, chance, learning and fun. You will be assigned to a team prior to your arrival at The Andaz Hotel in the Gas Lamp Quarter of San Diego. There will be unexpected incentives for each team to win. The San Diego Padres and others will help bring fun, competitive energy to The Un-Conference.

Who should participate?

We have reserved these two days for those marketers who want to change the world by creating more value for those that are most important to their brand’s future. The event will consist of approximately 100 brand marketing professionals, including:

  • Marketing oriented leaders
  • Marketing professionals (brand managers, product managers, directors, vice presidents, CMO’s, brand strategists etc.)
  • Advertising agency professionals (account executives and planners)
  • All marketers faced with brand strategy issues
  • All professionals charged with brand building and management
  • All marketers who are officially numb to last century’s format of marketing conferences

Lisa, you can register here while team spots are available. We’d be happy to have you.

The Un-Conference is Sponsored By: Branding Strategy Insider and The Blake Project

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