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Brand Building On Deep Desires


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Brands that tap into people’s deepest desires make strong lasting connections with those people. Deep desires most often come from a feeling of lack but can also result from seeking a place of safety, peace or comfort. The following are deep desires into which brands can tap: 

  • To be smart
  • To be accomplished
  • To have high status
  • To be safe
  • To be attractive
  • To be sexy
  • To be admired
  • To be liked
  • To be unique or different
  • To make a difference in the world
  • To belong
  • To be in control
  • To be sovereign, free or independent
  • To be noticed
  • To have a purpose
  • To have power over others

Any brand that can make people feel as though they have a little bit more of one or more of these if they interact with the brand will connect with those people on a deeply emotional level.

Can you think of examples associated with each of these? Here are some hints. Some beer brands tap into the need to belong. Many clothing brands tap into the need to be sexy or attractive. One automobile brand in particular taps in to the need to be in control. Many brands across many categories tap into the need for status. Automobile and watch brands come to mind immediately. We just helped a golf brand link to the need to be accomplished. A legendary tobacco brand focused on the need for independence. One well-known soft drink brand taps into the need to be unique or different.

What examples can you think of?

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BrandingMumboJumbo on August 31st, 2012 said

Great Article!
The only one I would add to your list is: To be relevant


Kelly King on September 01st, 2012 said

This is a terrific post. I will be keeping it filed for future reference. Feelings are key to effective branding and engagement. One more desire I would add to the list is:

To be trusted

Trust is a very important feeling for professional services (doctors, lawyers, accountants), high ticket item businesses & services (home builders), and nonprofits.

Anthony Boyd on September 02nd, 2012 said

Very well said thank you.

To discover either yourself or something (environment/product)

We all wish to have the sensation of freedom and long for it. It is the one thing humans innately seek. When a brand can create that sense or action it creates a sensation well worth living. The sense of discovery and self discovery or adventure.

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