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Twenty Considerations For Building Strong Brands


Twenty Considerations For Building Strong Brands

Brand marketers should keep the following in mind for building strong brands:

1. Do we really understand what motivates our brand’s target customers?

2. Does the brand have a point of view? Does it stand for something?

3. Does the brand transcend a product category?

4. Is the brand truly differentiated?

5. Does the brand possess admirable human qualities? Is it trustworthy and reliable?

6. Does the brand build an emotional connection?

7. Is the brand’s identity immediately recognizable and memorable?

8. Are we presenting the brand consistently over time and across media?

9. Does the brand promise come to life at every point of customer contact?

10.  What are we doing to build brand awareness?

11.  Are we creating brand myths and stories?

12.  Are we aggressively pursuing publicity for the brand?

13.  Is the brand vital and innovative and interesting?

14.  Is our brand interacting with and engaging its customers in interesting ways?

15.  Do people in our organization view the brand as an asset that should be grown and leveraged?

16.  Are we measuring and actively managing the brand’s equity?

17.  Are we managing the brand against a plan?

18.  Is the entire organization united and committed to delivering on the brand promise?

19. Is the CEO the chief brand champion?

20.  Are we investing in the brand’s future?

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