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Brand Positioning

When To Reposition Your Brand


Brand Strategy Brand Repositioning

Brand repositioning is necessary when one or more of the following eight conditions exist:

1. Your brand has a bad, confusing or nonexistent image.

2. The primary benefit your brand “owns” has evolved from a differentiating benefit to a cost-of-entry benefit.

3. Your organization is significantly altering its strategic direction.

4. Your organization is entering new businesses and the current positioning is no longer appropriate.

5. A new competitor with a superior value proposition enters your industry.

6. Competition has usurped your brand’s position or rendered it ineffectual.

7. Your organization has acquired a very powerful proprietary advantage that must be worked into the brand positioning.

8. Corporate culture renewal dictates at least a revision of the brand personality.

You are broadening your brand to appeal to additional consumers or consumer need segments for whom the current brand positioning won’t work.  (This should be a “red flag.”  This action could dilute the brand’s meaning, make the brand less appealing to current customers or even alienate current customers.)

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1 Comment

Vikas Dubey on February 14th, 2012 said

It is easy to position a brand if the myth around the brand is known to the marketer.

According to Derrida, Western thought always divides a text into polar opposites eg good/bad, adventure vs security, indoor vs outdoor.

A brand creates myth by resolving the contradiction between these polar opposites.eg Apple creates myth by resolving complexity vs simplicity contradiction.

I think whenever the myth at the heart of a brand fades, its time to reposition.

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