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Archive for November, 2011

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing And The New Rules Of Engagement


Brand Strategy Advertising Social Engagement

For all the changes affecting media these days, the essential product of media, its content, is really no different. But consumers now consume media content in a wholly different context, one that is embedded with many new cues. What’s changed about media are the cues that surround content.

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Value Creation

Value Creation, Crazy Ideas And Brand Leadership


Brand Strategy Value Creation

The notion that the process of value creation and innovation can somehow be quantified as something predictable, with outcomes easily repeated, is a compelling one indeed. An entire consulting industry has been built around this premise. Unfortunately the magic of value creation doesn’t work that way. The source of value creation BEGINS with formless creative thought not data.

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Branding: Just Ask...

Brand Management: Personal Versus Product Brands


Brand Strategy Personal Branding UFC Dana White

We regularly answer marketing questions here on Branding Strategy Insider. Today’s question comes from Ryan, a brand manager in Salt Lake City, Utah. He writes… 

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Recession Marketing

Building A Brand Advantage In Uncertain Times


Brand Strategy Brand Building Bad Economy

What is the single biggest thing weighing down the consumer marketplace right now?

The answer is uncertainty.

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Branding & Leadership

Brand Marketing Mistakes All Leaders Must Avoid


Brand Strategy Brand Leadership Marketing Kodak

Business leaders are over-educated. Never have I seen so much advice offered to executives about how to do things right. There are hundreds of business management books and over 2000 titles alone in marketing.

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