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Brand Licensing

A Guide For Licensing In Brands


Disney Marvel Brand Licensing Strategy

Disney and Marvel have long been successful in licensing their brands. Is your brand ready to benefit from global brand licensing? You know you are ready for licensing in brands when you have:

  • A business unit with a minimum of $50 million revenue.
  • Best in class products that meet pent up consumer demand.
  • Products sold into the channels and regions in which you intend to sell the licensed product.
  • The capability of building the licensed brand’s essence into your products.
  • The ability to invest a minimum of 3% of your net sales generated from the brand licensing program into marketing the product.
  • An organization capable of following the requirements of the license, i.e. the approval process, testing requirements, audits, royalty reporting and payments.

From here, begin with a well thought out brand licensing strategy.

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