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Consensus: Critical Component In Brand Strategy


Consensus- Critical Component In Brand Strategy

A key component in any brand strategy effort is consensus among the brand’s key stakeholders. Without it, the risk of failure increases if full support for the strategy is lost later on.

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I was working with a client that had a number of key stakeholders at odds on several issues. Knowing this going in, I opened the workshop with a story that has stuck with me about advertising legend Bill Bernbach. Maybe it will inspire you as it did me.

Bill kept a small piece of paper in the breast pocket of his jacket. When he was in the middle of a meeting with a client who had an opposite point of view to his, he would pull out this piece of paper and read it to himself. On the piece of paper were three words: “Maybe he’s right.”

Bill’s wisdom and these three words helped us achieve consensus that day. More importantly, I find it a valuable reminder that in our professional and personal lives it’s wise to take a moment and remember those words when viewpoints clash.

“Maybe he’s right.”

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