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Building Emotional Connections

Brands And The Feelings They Evoke



How does your brand make people feel? Does it make them feel safer or more secure? Is it reassuring? Does it make them feel more in control?

More confident? Does your brand make them feel sophisticated or sexy? Do they feel as though they are making a difference in the world by purchasing and using your brand? Does your brand put a smile on their faces? Does it harken back to a simpler time, a time of innocence and playfulness? Does using your brand make them feel as though they have status? Does it reinforce who they perceive themselves to be? Does it make them feel smart? Does it make them feel uninhibited and free? Does it amuse them? Does it make them feel as though they have arrived in society? Does it give them a sense of belonging? Does it take them back to an earlier time in their lives? Does it take them back to their childhood? Does it help them fanaticize about their future? Does it make them feel romantic? Stylish? Giddy? Does it make them want to sing or dance?

Brands can do all of these things and more. Don’t forget about how your brand could make people feel.  People are much more likely to respond to feelings than a laundry list of attributes and features.

For each of the feelings that I have listed above, can you think of at least one brand that evokes those feelings?

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