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Place Branding

The Marketing And Branding Of Nations



Just as a product with brand vitality will better compete and succeed, so too will a nation with a strong brand. Perceptions about an entire nation will be vast.  In evaluating stakeholders’ perceptions of a country, marketers should look for and evaluate the following characteristics when surveying stakeholders impacting the perceptions of a country:

Strongly Branded Nations generally:

* Deliver the benefits and promises that stakeholders desire and hold credible
* Stay relevant—functional attributes coupled with “intangibles” (described below)
* Provide value for the resources required to invest / visit in that country
* Have a salient market position in the minds of stakeholders
* Make very clear promises that are kept over time
* Have unique brand equity involving strong thoughts and feelings
* Are dependable and deliver consistently against expectations
* Have loyal stakeholders
* Have favorite perceptions about the country that match the nation’s communications
* Have an ability to be identified under different conditions
* Are less vulnerable to competitive neighboring markets
* Command Larger Margins; Price Premiums; Less vulnerability to price sensitivity
* Engage in better trade cooperation
* Leverage vast opportunities from capital and labor endowments

Poorly Branded Nations generally:

* Make vague promises that change over time
* Have very low general equity and low emotional commitment
* Have “spotty” reputations, create doubt
* Have little loyalty, rely on pricing and promotional incentives

Contributed to Branding Strategy Insider by: Ruth Stanat, President of  SIS International Research and research partner of The Blake Project.

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