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Profitable Brands Need The Right Perspective


Profitable Brands Need The Right Perspective

Brand management is a dynamic and a continuous process that needs consistent investment of time and money. The boardroom must ensure that brand management is allocated a specific budget as it is much more than mere marketing communications. Due to the intangible nature of branding, the results may not accrue in a short period of time a it takes time and reinforcement to build customer loyalty.

Many companies increasingly complain that financial markets focus on short-term results and give little credit for long-term value creation strategies. These claims are contradicted by empirical evidence.

A McKinsey study has shown that expectations of future performance are the main driver of shareholder returns. Across industries and stock exchanges, up to 80 percent of a company’s market value can be explained only by cash flow expectations beyond the next three years. These expectations are driven by growth judgments and long-term profitability. An examination of stock prices of leading consumer product companies illustrated that future growth accounts for 54% of the stocks’ total value.

Another study by McKinsey of Standard & Poors 500 companies from 1984 to 2004 illustrated that the average total returns to shareholders was 9.4 percentage points better among the companies that balanced short- and long-term performance compared to less balanced peers.

The best performers also survived longer in the market, the CEOs of these companies generally remained in office three years longer, and their stock prices were significantly less volatile.

Therefore, corporate management must align short-term and long-term objectives and expected outcomes of branding, and be committed to support it accordingly with well-balanced strategies and time horizon.

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