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Your Competitive Frame Of Reference


Competitive Frame Of Reference

Often, exploring different competitive frames of reference will help you choose the most powerful brand benefit. Here are some questions to help you determine your brand’s optimal frame of reference:

•    Within what product/service category does our brand operate?
•    Within which product and service categories do our customers give us “permission” to operate today?  Do they give us more permission than we give ourselves?
•    Does our brand stand for something broader than its products and services?  Does that give it permission to enter new product and service categories?
•    What compromises do we make with our customers that we take for granted but that might cause our customers to pursue alternative solutions to meet their needs?
•    What could another company give our customers that would cause them to become disloyal to our brand?
•    Could another brand within our category credibly insert its name into our brand’s promise/positioning statement?
•    What are the most likely substitute products for our product?
•    What could neutralize our point of difference?
•    What could make our point of difference obsolete?
•    What could ‘kill’ our category?

Find out how choosing alternative frames of reference will alter competitive sets, products and services and points of difference.  Broadening your brand’s frame of reference can help you:

(1)    Identify a strong point of difference within your current narrower frame of reference (for instance, Pepsi chose to “own” psychological refreshment as a point of difference over Coca-Cola).
(2)    Identify logical avenues for brand growth.
(3)    Identify potential substitute products and other competitive threats.

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