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Brand Management

Achieving Brand Management Success


Achieving Brand Management Success

To achieve brand management success you must focus the organization on delivering the brand promise. Brand management is much more than marketing (a.k.a., making the brand promise real)

Remember these keys:

•    Branding is not an afterthought; rather it is the core value of the organization.
•    Have a singular focus on delivering the brand promise.
•    The brand’s products and services must deliver upon the brand’s promise.
•    Focus everything your organization does on delivering the brand promise.
•    An organization must manifest its brand’s essence, promise, and personality at each point of contact it makes with people.
•    Carefully manage all the points of contact you make with the consumer.
•    An organization’s culture must reinforce its brand’s essence, promise, and personality.
•    To be truly successful, a brand must be based upon the enlightened vision of a strong leader and a relentless employee passion to better meet the needs of the customer.
•    Don’t forget to hire, train, motivate and compensate front line employees to deliver the brand’s essence, promise and personality.
•    The brand’s essence, promise and personality must drive organization decision-making and resource allocation.
•    Ultimately, you want to use brand identity systems, advertising, packaging, retail environment, services, the Internet and other delivery mechanisms to “bring your brand to life.”

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Hayden on February 18th, 2008 said

I don’t just think its the responsibility of an honest & transparent company to just train its front-line staff in the brand and its qualities (although they should get the greater share). Company DNA goes further than this and all employees can become brand advocates and apply significant influence in the market place, especially if they are also consumers.


  1. Anonymous - February 17, 2008

    Achieving Brand Management Success

    To get there You Must Focus the Organization on Delivering the Brand Promise – and remember these keys…

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