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Brands And The Power Of Focus


The Power Of Focus

The power of brands lies in focus. Very few, if any, brands can be all things to all people within a product or service category. That is why segmentation is important. Ideally, a brand or sub-brand focuses only on the customer segment that it can best serve. It becomes an expert provider of products and services to that segment. I am a firm believer that in today’s business environment, the most robust brands will be those that:

•    focus on one customer group,
•    become intimate with that group,
•    strive to meet more and more needs of that group,
•    co-create products and services with the group and
•    epitomize what that group stands for.

While we most often think of brands targeting specific customer groups, different brands can also target different needs for the same people. For instance, different needs are driving your purchase decision in each of the following situations, and you are very likely to consider a different set of restaurants (or brand) for each:

•    catching a quick bite to eat on your way to work in the morning
•    taking your children out to eat
•    celebrating a special occasion with a loved one
•    staying on your diet and losing weight

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