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Branding Snapshot Derrick Daye

Branding Snapshot – April 15


If you see the social media landscape as the 'Wild West' then you have to agree blogs are the wagons taking us there. Here on the Branding Strategy Insider and Elsewhere 'trails' there was much to take in this week…

Jack on Solution vs. Direction, General Motors and the War in Iraq
Interestingly, my many years of being in the problem solving business has led me to believe that often, looking for a solution is a fool’s errand. There is no easy solution for complex problems. What there is, is a direction.

What direction does Jack propose for GM? For the Iraq War?

Brad on Building Winning Brands
The marketplace is too competitive for you not to try to constantly reinvent yourself.  Maintain a significant pool of resources to invest in new ideas.  Award the resources based upon projected incremental sales and return on investment.  Hold frequent ideation and creative problem solving sessions.

And embrace these approaches to new business development.

Brad on “Inside Out” Branding at Hallmark
In the mid to late 1990s, I was Hallmark’s first official chief brand advocate. In that role, I was responsible for increasing Hallmark’s brand equity and market share. To accomplish my objectives, I needed the support of the entire organization.

My department approached this task in many ways…

Martin on Contextual Branding
Contextual Branding is simple. It's about how, when and where you serve your message to achieve the best possible result. Contextual Branding is what professional marketers have been doing for decades. But brands now need another push to get them even closer to their consumers' recognition of need.

This can only happen by using these three ingredients…


Social Media and The Future of Journalism…

Coping with a Web Attack and the ‘Venom of the Crowds’…

Beyond Word of Mouth…

Happy Trails…

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