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Welcome Aboard: John Selvaggio


Airline Brand Consulting John Selvaggio

I am excited to welcome John Selvaggio to The Blake Project team. John is the former President of Song Airlines, and was the “founding optimist and visionist” of this dynamic brand offering from parent, Delta Airlines. He was responsible for guiding its growth from 1 aircraft to 36 in six months and ensuring its success in the very competitive low-fare market place. John worked with Delta for six years, and has more than 30 years of airline experience.

He came to Delta from U.S. Airways, where he was a Vice President and headed up the Express Division. His primary experience was at American Airlines, where he held key positions in finance, strategic planning, and sales and marketing before serving as President and Chief Operating Officer of Wings West Airlines, and American Eagle. He later spent three years at Midway Airlines, as President and Chief Executive Officer, until the airline was sold to SAS in 1997.

At The Blake Project John joins us as a partner where we will put his strategic business and brand visionary skills to good use in client consultation for airline brands and as a speaker on the international circuit.

John is pictured above on the right with Berklee College of Music President Lee Eliot Berk for the first in a series of concerts to celebrate unity between Song Airlines and the college.

For lunch today I will be treating John to crackers, chips, cookies and other fine airline foods. Welcome aboard!

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  1. Anonymous - February 13, 2007

    Branding Strategy Insider: Welcome Aboard: John Selvaggio

    Former Song Airlines President lands…

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Welcome Aboard: John Selvaggio