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When It Comes To Colors, Names Matter


I have written before about the importance of color choice in brand identity systems and retail environments. Recently, The Journal of Consumer Research reported on research conducted by Barbara Kahn of the Wharton School and Elizabeth Gelflan Miller of Boston College.  These two marketing professors conducted research to understand what effect unusual names might have on the popularity of colors and flavors.  They found that unusual names were more popular than expected names if people were given enough time to think about their decisions.  So, while a surprising name might not get someone to buy a color or flavor that he or she does not like, it would make the difference if a person was choosing between two brands of the same color, one bearing a common name and the other an unusual name.  The unusual name will almost always be preferred.  Whether you are in the cosmetic, paint, ice cream, or crayon business, this finding has implications for you.

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1 Comment

daniel on May 27th, 2010 said

Maybe it is the name that only makes the difference when two competing products have the same color, so it means people are prone to experience new and different things and thus this strategy might work for the new comers that employ the same pattern of color system and packaging.

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